Boat - Nayanthara Shipping from Mumbai to Mandwa Jetty
Vessel starts from Domestic Cruise Terminal at Bhaucha Dhakka near Sandhurst Road station, Mumbai. This is the same start point as M2M ferries. It carries ONLY passengers, not vehicles.  

It sails from Mumbai to Mandwa jetty at Alibaug and back. Book on this link

The vessel is luxurious and is completely air-conditioned, with 2 washrooms on the upper and 4 on the lower deck.
To begin with, the vessel will sail from Domestic Cruise Terminal Princess Dock Jetty to Mandwa. Pricing shall be Rs. 400/- for the lower deck and Rs. 450/- for the upper / business class deck. For ticketing and online sales, Nayantara Shipping PVT LTD has collaborated with known brand which has been in the business of digital ticketing for the past 3 years. 
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