Outpost Website Direct Booking & Cancellation
Our Outpost website boasts a modern booking engine with quick and easy booking.
You can choose to book as follows on Book Outpost Direct
1) Lowest rate - Book a Non-refundable rate ( Advance payment is needed - non refundable) 
2) Low rate - Book a refundable rate ( advance payment needed for special dates) 
3) Normal rate -  Book a refundable rate ( free cancellation before arrival day)

If you would like to confirm the reservation,  then no payment is needed. Reservation Confirmation means that hotel has received your booking and is holding the reservation, subject to availability.  In rare cases, you may not receive a room allocation and may be forced to book elsewhere. So please call to check availability before you depart for the hotel. 

If you want to guarantee room availability on arrival, then you need to provide your credit card details , or make a minimum token payment of Rs 1000 on our website after the reservation is made

Hotel will hold a room for your arrival and you can get a quick check-in. 
Note the reservation number and enter it on the below link. 
Pay Now Link - PAY NOW
You can choose to Pay At Hotel, or make a minimum token payment of Rs 1000 or to pay the entire amount of the reservation.  Unpaid reservations are not guaranteed ( your reservation may be released to another guest if hotel is full) 

If you have any questions, please feel free to chat with us on our web chat. 
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